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About Her...

Kandis is a musician, singer, songwriter, former stage actress, content creator, and copywriter with over 20 years of experience playing and creating music in the marketplace, and in ministry. She is a graduate of Full Sail University where she received a degree in Music Production.


Kandis credits her passion for music to her mentor, the late world-renowned guitarist, Eddie "Spanky" Alfred, who began mentoring and training her as a pianist at the tender age of 12.  Her first album credit came in 2002, as the lead keyboardist and vocalist on The Kirby Family's sophomore album, Must Go On. Since then, she has been honing her skills as a singer-songwriter, lending her instrumentation and vocal skills for conferences and seminars, plays, and a number of musical events around the city including the What's Going On Project, a musical collaboration of artists against racism and violence.

Kandis currently works as the "Daytime DJ" for the Conversations with a Mentor broadcast and Wednesday Work Sessions every week on Clubhouse. 


He upcoming debut project, Out of the Shadows speaks to her growing up in the shadows of her older sister, the Brand Boss otherwise known as Andrea Brandon, and her younger brother, Charles Brandon IV,  the badest bassist in the region. 

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