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Don't make music. Make moments. 

Music is powerful. It has a way of evoking feelings and attitudes. I can stir memories, illuminate ideas and inspire action.  Music has the ability to calm a troubled mind, ease pain and inside a short refrain, its notes can heal a heart and mend a soul.


I'm Kay, the woman behind KayKole Music. I believe in the power of music to inspire projects, enhance businesses and ultimately touch people's hearts. A graduate of Full Sail University and protege of the late great, Eddie Alford, my credits include theme songs for live and virtual events, musicals and plays, commercials, as well as gospel tours across the south.


Music is not simply a note on a page or words echoed in tune. They are moments we create that last a lifetime. Whether you are looking for a vocalist to help your songs come alive, a unique bed for your podcast, or help to get that tune out of your head, you're sure to get the best of what KayKole can offer. 

Hypnotized w Backing VocalsKayKole
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Create the right sound, emotion, and feel with custom tracks for your next project or platform.

Get help with transferring the tunes and lyrics out of your head and onto the drafting board. We'll even mock up a clean demo.

Bring your music alive with a variety of strong female backgrounds or auxiliary vocals.


Wednesday Work&Worship

Willie Diggs Enterprises

Nehermiah Leadership Institute

Single Mompreneuher Club

Wellness, Worship & The Word

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Virtual Audio Engineer\Virtual Production Manager

Serving as the Daytime DJ for the C.W.A.M.'s Wednesday Work & Worship. Contracted to produce four hours of inspirational programming to help get you over the hump.


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